Ben Vrackie, Near Pitlochry

Also known as the Speckled Mountain, Ben Vrackie is a mountain in the north of Pitlochry, Scotland. At its summit, Ben Vrackie is approximately 841 metres high, and this point of the mountain can be reached using a direct path from the town of Pitlochry.

From the top of Ben Vrackie, hikers can be treated to a panoramic view of the Scottish Highlands; the breath-taking and awe-inspiring stretches of land that can be seen for miles, cast in the glow of a sunny day or shadowed by the mist of a morning. No matter what time of day you’re up on Ben Vrackie’s mountainside, the views are sure to be a wonder!

Ben Vrackie is a Corbett, which means it is a separate hill between 2,999ft and 2,500ft in height and has a drop of more than 500ft all around.

The hike to the summit is beautiful, and once you reach the peak, you are treated to breathtaking views across the Scottish countryside.

This Pitlochry mountain is a familiar sight to any local who lives in the area – it’s also one of the better known Corbetts and thousands of people have climbed it. Depending on the extent of the path you choose to start from, Ben Vrackie could be a gentle trek or a more strenuous climb that lasts the whole day (the latter choice typically includes either the Bealach route or an ascent that starts from the Allt Girnaig).

The most common path is completely public and well-travelled. The beginning of that path can be found just north-west of Moulin in the Ben Vrackie car park. There’s a signed footpath that will take travellers uphill through the beech trees and then into the woodland at the base of the mountain. Your journey will have truly begun once you’re out into the open moorland and can see the summit of Ben Vrackie in all its glory.