The Climb From Moulin

Ben Vrackie towers above the town of Pitlochry and nearby village of Moulin. It is a beautiful walk for all abilities and offers stunning panoramic views across Perthshire from the summit. The pathway up Ben Vrackie is well-constructed for the majority of the route, making it not too challenging. One popular route for hiking up Ben Vrackie is to start the climb from the picturesque village of Moulin.

Ben Vrackie is a Corbett, which means it is a separate hill between 2,999ft and 2,500ft in height and has a drop of more than 500ft all around.

The hike to the summit is beautiful, and once you reach the peak, you are treated to breathtaking views across the Scottish countryside.


Climbing Ben Vrackie From Moulin

Begin your journey from the Moulin Inn, an excellent local pub which boasts its own brewery. Head left behind the Moulin Inn and follow the signs that point to ‘Ben y Vrackie’ which lead uphill into a small car park.

From here there is a sandy path which runs uphill through stunning Scottish woodland and crosses over little streams on the way. After roughly one kilometre, you will find an open hillside and see your first view of Ben Vrackie ahead.

Continue following the path steadily upwards, and you will reach the ridge between Stac an Fheidh and Craeg Bhreac. On this route you will come across a junction which is signposted as left to bealach path or right to Ben Vrackie, you want to head to the right.

Once you are over the ridge, you will find a path cutting across a shallow valley below a dam. From this point, the route becomes much steeper as you begin your climb to 841m summit.

The steepness can’t be avoided, but the pathways are excellent although barely visible from below. While the path is well maintained and worn, there are a few small stretches where you will need to find your own way.

Eventually the path leads you to the summit of Ben Vrackie. From here, you can enjoy some of the best views across the southern Highlands, before beginning your journey back down.