What You Need

Heading up Ben Vrackie to enjoy the stunning views and Scottish scenery is a great day out. However, proper planning is essential for a successful hike. While Ben Vrackie isn’t the biggest hill in Scotland, you will still need some specific equipment and supplies to ensure your day goes smoothly. Here are the main things you will need for a walk up Ben Vrackie;

Ben Vrackie is a Corbett, which means it is a separate hill between 2,999ft and 2,500ft in height and has a drop of more than 500ft all around.

The hike to the summit is beautiful, and once you reach the peak, you are treated to breathtaking views across the Scottish countryside.


Walking Boots Or Shoes

The pathway up Ben Vrackie is very well made and not too treacherous, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need walking shoes. There are still some areas where the ground is rocky and rough, and loose rocks and stones can be dangerous. Ankle walking boots are great for preventing your ankle from turning and will also keep your feet dry whatever the weather.

Hiking Poles

Hiking or walking poles aren’t required for getting up Ben Vrackie, but they can be a serious help. They are optional but have some real advantages. These poles are great for giving you extra stability and support, particular on steeper areas of the route.

If you walk a lot, they can help reduce the stress of walking on your feet, knees and back. They share the weight of yourself and your backpack across your entire body.

Waterproof Clothes

The weather in Scotland can be unpredictable, and even on the sunniest days, a shower could start at any time. Waterproof shell jackets are a great choice for walkers, and although the material is heavier than other waterproofs, the extra warmth is often needed in Scotland.

Hat And Gloves

Even in the height of summer, and when the weather in Pitlochry town is glorious, the peak of Ben Vrackie can get cold. Keeping a hat and pair of gloves on you during your walk is a good idea in case you get chilly towards the top.